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Eating disorders & treatment

Eating can be a very difficult relationship for the individual and one that sometimes close family and friends struggle to understand or even empathise with. Having an unhealthy attitude to food can be very destructive to your everyday life as well as making you ill. It can manifest itself in different forms whether it involves eating too much or too little, or becoming overly obsessive about your weight and appearance.

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Typical symptoms

When might you have an eating disorder?

  • Continuously worrying about your weight or body shape
  • Avoiding meeting friends when you think food will be involved
  • Eating too little
  • Trying to make yourself sick after eating
  • Doing too much exercise
  • Having very strict habits with food

At Broadway Lodge, individuals with an eating disorder are treated in a similar way to others with addiction. The goal of treatment is to help the client to become more aware of repeating patterns of behaviour and to begin making changes that help. We primarily treat eating disorders as a secondary illness alongside an addiction problem.