Life at Broadway Lodge

While you may think daily life at a rehabilitation centre could be hectic, the opposite can be true. We want to make the environment as relaxing as possible for you but also as stimulating too. So whether it’s Indian Head Massages or trips to the beach we’ll make sure your stay is right for you.

Life at Broadway Lodge


You will share a single-sex bedroom with between 1 and 3 other clients. Addiction is an isolating illness so sharing with other clients is an integral part of the treatment process.  Clients invariably find that any reservations they may have had about sharing disappear as they build highly supportive relationships with their peer group. However, we are able to provide a single room if available.

Your tailored plan

Personalised programme

Your individual plan of care within the 12 step framework identifies any personal needs. This plan is constantly reviewed with you through counselling and group work processes and amended as necessary. In primary care, you will have daily individual counselling sessions of 45-60 minutes each at the beginning of treatment, moving to three sessions per week.

Group therapy sessions take place once or twice a day. You will also work on written assignments designed to help you explore your addiction triggers, access your assets and develop greater self understanding.

We regularly hold lectures and workshops on particular topics and show therapeutic DVDs. Relaxation and Aerobics classes are a part of the weekly programme, and we arrange for stress management or massage sessions where these would be beneficial. Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Reiki and Acupuncture are also available. You will also attend Fellowship meetings during your treatment programme.

Living at Broadway Lodge


You will have freshly cooked, nutritious meals three times a day, prepared by our in-house catering team. Clients often feedback on the quality of the meals – our catering team receive many special thank you cards.

Tea, coffee and other beverages are available at all times. Fruit is also freely available all day, but you are encouraged to limit other snacks between meals to promote a healthy eating pattern.

Relax and unwind

Other therapies

To aid relaxation and to treat the mind and body we encourage clients to partake in a range of healthy activities provided at Broadway Lodge. This includes regular light exercise such as walking through our beautiful grounds, Aerobics and Tai Chi Qigong as well as complimentary therapies including Indian Head Massage, Reiki, Reflexology and Auricular Acupuncture.

This is all part of supporting your recovery from any addiction you might have. While a rehab centre might not be your idea of a holiday, we like to make it as supportive and therapeutic as possible for you. From experience we know that this helps to ensure the most successful and fulfilling stay for you or your loved one.