Life at Broadway Lodge

While you may think daily life at a rehabilitation centre could be hectic, the opposite can be true. We want to make the environment as relaxing as possible for you but also as stimulating too. So whether it’s Indian Head Massages or trips to the beach we’ll make sure your stay is right for you.

Your tailored plan

Personalised programme

As soon as you’re in treatment, we will work with you to develop an individual plan of care which identifies any personal needs and is constantly reviewed as you progress through treatment.

People chatting over a coffee

Group therapy sessions take place at least once a day, every day. You will also work on written assignments designed to help you explore your addiction triggers, access your assets and develop greater self understanding.

Psycho-educational lectures and workshops on particular topics are held regularly. Relaxation, mindfulness meditation classes and stress management sessions form part of the weekly programme and Hypnotherapy, EMDR, Reflexology, massage, Reiki and Auricular Acupuncture are also available. You will also attend Fellowship meetings during your treatment programme.

You can read more details about our detoxification programme here and our full therapeutic treatment programme here where you can explore what a typical day is like.

Bedroom in the Gordon Beard Unit Bedroom in the Gordon Beard Unit

Staying with us


Our Gordon Beard Clinic (situated next to our main house) is where you will stay if you are having a medically managed detox with us. You will be cared for 24/7 by our experienced team of specialist nurses and health care assistants throughout your time here. There are 5 twin bedrooms each with en-suite and are wheelchair friendly. We may ask that you share your room with another client of the same sex during your stay in the room.

Our main house can accommodate up to 28 clients and is where you will stay if you are going to be engaging in our comprehensive therapeutic programme. A refurbishment of the house was completed in 2021 and the majority of bedrooms have benefitted from a full upgrade and a number of bedrooms are wheelchair accessible.

Private en-suite bedroom at Broadway Lodge En-suite bedroom in the main house

We have 13 private, single occupancy bedrooms (many of which have an en-suite), as well as twin and triple bedrooms that are shared with same sex clients.

Addiction is an isolating illness so sharing a twin or triple room provides you with valuable 24/7 peer support which is a beneficial part of the treatment process. We understand the reservations that can be felt about the prospect of sharing but we often find these feelings soon disappear as highly supportive relationships are built. However, we are able to provide a single room if available.

You can see a selection of our rooms in our photo gallery by clicking the green button below.

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Tai Chi in the garden

Other therapies

Relax & unwind

To aid relaxation and to treat the mind and body we encourage clients to partake in a range of healthy activities provided at Broadway Lodge. This includes regular light exercise such as walking to explore the local surroundings and Tai Chi Qigong as well as complimentary therapies including Indian Head Massage, Reiki, Reflexology and Auricular Acupuncture.




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Living at Broadway Lodge

Meals and nutrition

A balanced, nutritional diet is really important whilst in treatment and in recovery. Our in-house catering team ensure that you are provided with three healthy, appetising and satisfying meals every day. There are several options offered at mealtimes including a vegetarian option and we can cater for dietary requirements.  As well as the meals that are prepared  by our catering team, a variety of fresh fruit, tea, coffee, chilled milk and water is available to you at all times.

You will also be given information and advice about food and diet as nutrition and the re-establishment of a healthy eating pattern play an important part in your recovery.

This is all part of supporting your recovery from any addiction you might have. While a rehab centre might not be your idea of a holiday, we like to make it as supportive and therapeutic as possible for you. From experience we know that this helps to ensure the most successful and fulfilling stay for you or your loved one.