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Sex addiction & treatment

Contrary to some opinions in the media, sex addiction is real. We know this because we’ve treated many people whose lives have become chaotic and unbearable because of an unhealthy pattern of destructive sexual behaviour. Sex addiction is characterised by excessive compulsions to engage in sexual activity, not for pleasure or joy but because you feel compelled to. It is often a form of escape from an underlying, unresolved issue but we will discover what that is and help you understand it so that you can develop healthy relationships and be able to enjoy sex.

The good news is that you are not alone and that sex addiction is treatable. There is hope. And, we’re here to support you as much as possible so you can get your life back.

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What to look out for

Signs of sex addiction

There is no one universal sign that determines if someone is a sex addict as it can manifest in different ways for different people. The following signs could mean that you or a loved one is suffering with sex addiction:

  • Overwhelming, obsessive thoughts and persistent urges of sexual behaviour
  • Engaging in sexual behaviour because you feel you have to as opposed to wanting to for pleasure
  • Repeatedly engaging in sexual behaviour even when you know it’s harmful to yourself or others
  • Watching pornography excessively, frequently engaging in phone sex, regularly attending sex parties or often using prostitutes
  • Having multiple sexual partners or cheating on a partner
  • Excessive masturbation
  • Engaging in extreme sexual activities focused on the act of sex, not the emotional connection
  • Realising that sex is dominating your life, to the detriment of other activities

This obsessive behaviour will often result in a sense of deep shame, low self-worth and guilt as it constantly plays on your mind and like all other addictions, it will eventually have a significant impact on relationships with loved ones whilst damaging mental health, well-being and overall quality of life. As with other addictions, recognition and realisation of the impact of this behaviour provides an important cornerstone to support the healing and sometimes painful process.

How we help

Rehabilitation for sex addiction at Broadway Lodge

Broadway Lodge is a client-centred rehab which is a welcoming, confidential and non-judgmental place for you to be open and honest and where you no longer feel trapped, isolated, misunderstood or unsupported.

You will explore where the addiction started and progressed and how it affects your life and the lives of others. Therapy, assignments, lectures and workshops will challenge your attitudes and get to the root cause of your addiction so that you can understand and heal the issues that are presenting in your life and develop healthy coping mechanisms and tools for a long-term recovery from sex addiction.

Whilst we are an abstinence-based treatment centre, getting treatment for sex addiction doesn’t mean that you cannot engage in sexual activity ever again. At Broadway Lodge, the aim for sex addiction treatment is to change your thinking and mindset towards sex, enable you to learn to have healthy sexual relationships and to overcome disruptive sexual behaviours and intrusive and obsessive thoughts.

Counsellors will work with you compassionately to explore your addiction through one to one counselling using techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Emotional development is often affected and stunted by addiction so they will support you to explore this dynamic and move through arrested developmental stages. Other areas associated with sex addiction that we will address may include sexual dysfunctions, your values and behaviour, any intimacy issues as well as communication.

You’ll also partake in daily group therapy with peers and work through tailored assignments that will help you to overcome any presenting issues such as shame, low self-worth, letting go of fear and narcissism.

Along with the range of integrated therapies delivered, you will learn about the 12 Step philosophy which provides a framework to work through in order to maintain the positive changes to thinking and behaviours, particularly beneficial once treatment in Broadway Lodge has been completed.

Alongside support from peers and counsellors, our 24/7 team of specialist nurses can support you with any medical needs you may require and our Consultant Psychiatrist holds a weekly clinic. Relaxing holistic therapies are also offered including Auricular Acupuncture, mindfulness, Tai Chi and massage, all of which help to calm the mind – one of many benefits of these treatments.

At Broadway Lodge you will get to understand YOU, challenge any limiting beliefs you have, develop healthy boundaries and change any unhelpful thinking, attitudes and behaviours.

Former client testimonial

“From the first contact, through assessment and entry into Broadway Lodge as a patient, the treatment for my addiction and compulsive thinking in the area of sex and internet porn has been compassionate and professional. Counsellors at Broadway Lodge are caring but also robust. Exactly what we need as addicts. The Broadway Lodge system is tried and tested over decades, and with a healthy dose of compassion the rules seem to come to life as tools to recovery.”


What happens after treatment?

We would advise that after treatment completion, you attend Sex Addicts Anonymous meetings and think about getting a sponsor, to help support you when you need to talk to someone who’s suffered addiction too.

You will also be welcome back to our aftercare sessions for an unlimited time following treatment. These group sessions are held weekly and allow you to focus on your recovery, providing a confidential and safe place to explore any issues you’re experiencing and to keep a connection with Broadway Lodge.

We'll listen

Please contact us to find out more

We know that it takes a lot of courage to ask for help. We understand how you feel and are here to listen. We’d love to support you so if you’d like some advice for yourself or a loved one or would like to know more about staying at Broadway Lodge for sex addiction, please contact us in confidence or have a read of the frequently asked questions below.

You can call us on 01934 815515 (Monday to Friday), email or message us on the contact page on our website here.