Maintaining your recovery and avoiding relapse

Once you’ve successfully completed your rehabilitation it’s important to maintain your recovery and avoid a relapse. We know that everyone is different and some may find this more challenging than others, that’s why we run our aftercare programme and recommend meetings to help maintain your progress.

Continuing your rehabilitation


Our weekly Aftercare support is open to anyone following treatment at Broadway Lodge, helping individuals to transition to independent living.

The day programme runs from 9.30am until 3.45 pm.  It consists of an opening check-in round, Auricular Acupuncture and meditation, morning therapy group, lunch, an afternoon topic group and a closing round.  People can access it as often or as little as they would like. With a healthy mix of challenge and support, participants are helped to value the importance of the changes and progress they are making.

Feedback is very good for this group. It is always stated that people feel safe to share and process feelings they may not be able to share elsewhere.   Please contact us for more information or to book your place.

Fellowship meetings

The residential part of treatment is only the first step to maintaining your recovery and keeping it that way requires regular participation in fellowship meetings (AA, NA, CA, OA, or SA for example). It is proven that people who continue to attend these groups will maintain a much better quality of life and continue to learn the “tools” to deal with the normal traumas of life. We strongly recommend that you attend a minimum of 3 fellowship meetings per week when you leave Broadway Lodge.