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Is your friend or relative struggling with addiction?

Struggling with addiction

It’s not me, it’s my friend

Someone else’s addiction can affect your life – be it a relative, friend or colleague. Their behaviour, actions and words can impact how you feel, your job and your own health. We believe addiction affects the whole family, not just the addict.

Helping your friend

Is this you?

  • You will probably have tried to help the individual many times
  • Perhaps you have given them money?
  • Perhaps you feel they have ruined your life?
  • You may worry about them every minute of the day to the point it is making you unwell?

The bad news is that no one person can stop an addict being an addict; the good news is that at Broadway Lodge we give them the tools to change their lives. We can also help you to cope. The other good news is that you are not at fault. It is not your responsibility to “fix” the addict, in fact, you wont be able to. However, you will have used every piece of energy to try to support them and all to no avail. It’s easy to speak to us about it – call us on 01934 812 319 or contact us confidentially online. We’ll be happy to talk to you about your options and what your friend or family member can do.

Our free family programme

Are you needing support because someone close to you has an addiction?

We run a free family programme which runs on a Sunday from 11am-4.30pm and is open to anyone who is seeking support because a relative or close friend has an addiction.

When a friend or family member suffers from addiction it can be a horrendous time for them and their family, probably feeling a mixture of anger, worry and fear for the future. We are very aware that it is not just the person who is addicted that is affected by their behaviour. Everyone who knows that person will have been affected in one way or another. It is important that the family know what the person is going through, how to deal with situations and know that they are not alone. It is very important for the relatives to look after their own wellbeing and know how to recover from the traumas of the addict’s illness.

Our family programme is delivered by one of our counsellor’s in a small group session and we recommend attending as many sessions as possible for maximum benefit.

Attendance at the Sunday family programme is free, however, as a charity, we are always appreciative of any donations, big or small, which can be made at reception.

Instructions on how to book and upcoming session dates are listed in the events section here.