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Employee welfare

The cost of addiction

Employers are finding that drugs and alcohol can affect their organisations in a number of ways:

  • Punctuality/Absenteeism – employees who arrive late or not at all following a night out
  • Long term sickness – those who require treatment for dependence
  • Performance – employees still hung-over from the night before
  • Erratic behaviour – those who drink or use drugs at work to get themselves through the day
  • Accidents and Incidents – worst case, involving other parties or the public

Support for recovery

Many organisations now have policies on testing, particularly organisations involved in safety critical industries such as transport, logistics or engineering. Lapses of concentration where employee or public safety is at risk can potentially be fatal.

However, having a policy on its own only identifies the problem, it doesn’t necessarily solve it. Organisations with a zero tolerance approach to substance misuse will drive the problem underground.

Employers who encourage employees with problems to come forward, and who offer assistance through access to treatment, are more likely to retain key staff. This makes both moral and business sense, as it is usually more cost effective to invest in treatment than to re-recruit and train a new employee. A supportive policy will also reduce the risk of accidents which have unquantifiable implications for financial performance and human life.

Support for employers

How do we help

Broadway Lodge already works with a number of organisations that have arrangements in place for prompt access to treatment.

If you as an employer decide to support an employee through their addiction issues, Broadway Lodge can become your strategic partner to deliver treatment as part of your Employee Assistance Policy. We will develop a bespoke programme, taking into account individual needs and your preparedness as an employer to support recovery through full or partial funding, time off work and return to work conditions.

We maintain strict confidentiality for the staff member in treatment, but will keep you as the employer fully informed of progress to ensure a smooth return to work.

Would you like to know more?

For further advice you can read our informative post ‘addiction in the workplace‘ or download our full advice Addiction advice for employers.

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