Treatment for gaming addiction

At Broadway Lodge we treat gaming in a similar way to other addictions (particularly gambling) with abstinence as the main goal.

Deaths attributed to gaming addiction have tripled in recent years and its severity should not be underestimated. Detoxing from gaming can be just as difficult as any other “drug” and is recognised as an initial addictive behaviour which could lead to use of the other “drugs’ detailed within this page.

We know that the word “rehabilitation” might seem scary to a relatively new addiction, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of whatsoever. Addiction can take various forms and gaming is just another medium. By visiting this website you’ve already made a great step forward. We’re here to support you whatever your story.

Broadway Lodge

The first centre to treat gaming addiction

Broadway Lodge was the first rehabilitation centre in the world to treat gaming addiction, so we understand what you or a friend might be going through. Like any other addiction, it’s not simply a case of “pulling yourself together” and such approaches can sometimes make matters worse. We know it can be difficult to simply stop without relapsing only shortly later, that’s why we apply the proven 12-Step approach to gaming addiction. We’re here to support you and guide you through each stage of rehabilitation.

How do we help?

Rehabilitation for gaming addiction

Gaming is just as addictive as any other “drug” – and, achieving recovery is can be just as difficult as most other “drugs”. However, with our specialised help and therapy we can help to ensure you recover.

Every day at Broadway Lodge there’s group therapy, regular one to one counselling, lectures, workshops, assignments and holistic therapies such as Reiki, acupuncture and massage, which is particularly helpful for those who may feel anxious or overwhelmed at times.

Our 24 hour, 7 days a week multidisciplinary medical team consists of Doctors, Nurse Prescribers, Nurses, Auxiliary Nurses, Consultant Psychiatrists, Health Care Assistants and Support Assistants, all of whom are addiction specialists.