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Private rehabilitation centre in the UK


We welcome clients at Broadway Lodge who fund their own treatment privately and who are wanting abstinence-based, compassionate and person-centred treatment for codependency or addiction to one or more of the following substances and behaviours:

Booking privately with Broadway Lodge means you will have access to our fast track admission process so that you can quickly start getting the help you need in the safety and care of our experienced specialist multidisciplinary team. All of our treatment packages can include a medically managed detoxification if this is required.

We’re here to listen. Contact us online or call us on 01934 815515 (9am – 5pm weekdays).

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Fast track admission

Our private treatment packages

Our private treatment packages encompass a residential stay of two, four, eight or 12 weeks. From our experience, we know that staying at Broadway Lodge for 12 weeks is the ideal duration to gain a solid foundation to your recovery. While it may seem like a long time when considering rehab, addressing your addiction is just the tip of the iceberg.

A 12 week stay affords you the dedicated time and space to learn, experience emotional growth, begin to heal and to develop the tools that will enable you to sustain your recovery for the rest of your life. A 12 week stay can change your life considerably, and in turn, change the lives of the people closest to you. Working with qualified counsellors and your peers in this time will allow for thorough introspection and exploration of your addiction and deeper-rooted issues that you may not have even realised existed.

We understand that a 12 week stay isn’t always possible so our shorter options are supplemented with one online one to one counselling session a week for the remaining time (amounting to 12 weeks of treatment in total). Once you are in treatment you can choose to extend your stay if we have availability, either by paying for additional weeks or upgrading your package for any duration up to a maximum stay of 24 weeks.


What our private treatment packages include:

  • All treatments and therapeutic sessions (excluding rTMS Therapy which can be purchased separately)
  • All food provided by Broadway Lodge – three meals each day and healthy snacks and beverages
  • Access to weekly aftercare support
  • Places for loved ones to participate in an unlimited number of online family programme sessions

Please note, our two week stay, known as our ‘Cleanse Package’, is only suitable for clients who require a detoxification only. The minimum length of stay otherwise is four weeks.

If you would like to receive our private packages brochure and prices please call us on 01934 815515 (9am – 5pm Monday to Friday), or send us a message here and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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Staying at Broadway Lodge

Accommodation at Broadway Lodge is a mixture of shared and private bedrooms, some with en-suite shower and WC. If you choose to book our Cleanse Package, you will stay in our 10-bed Gordon Beard Unit for the two week duration where you will be in the care of our specialist team of nurses and healthcare assistants who will manage your detox and ensure you are as comfortable as possible throughout.

You will also be supported by a counsellor during your stay and partake in a therapeutic programme alongside the medical care so that you can start to address the psychological part of addiction. There are five twin bedrooms in the Gordon Beard Unit which, if shared, are shared with same-sex peers and each room has an en-suite shower and WC.

If you choose to stay at Broadway Lodge for longer than two weeks (which we recommend), you will initially spend the first few days in our Gordon Beard Unit with up to nine peers to settle in, and once ready, you will move into our main house to join up to 32 peers for the full therapeutic programme. There are 13 single rooms (nine of which have an en-suite shower and WC), three twin rooms (one has an en-suite shower and WC), and three four-bed rooms. There are five shared washrooms, two of which have a bath and shower. Most of the beds in the main house are double in size.

You can read more about detox at Broadway Lodge here and more about our therapeutic programme here.

What our clients say

“I spent 8 weeks at Broadway Lodge this year and had an incredible experience. In all honesty the care, counselling and entire experience far exceeded my expectations and hopes.”

Google Review, September 2023

Our booking process

If you would like to book a stay with us, we will ask you some questions over the phone and if you decide to proceed, we will provide you with a provisional admission date and we will request a deposit payment to secure the booking which will be used as payment towards the total cost of the package you choose.

Once we have the required medical information, you will have a video-call assessment with one of our clinicians to ensure we are a suitable treatment centre for you and then we will welcome you to Broadway Lodge shortly afterwards. If for any reason we feel we are unable to admit you following the assessment, we will provide you with a full refund of your deposit. We will send you our payment schedule and terms and conditions at the point of enquiry and we are happy to send them on request too.

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We understand that investing in a stay in rehab is not an easy decision and that it takes courage to reach out but our non-judgmental team are here to help guide you.
If you would like to discuss treatment at Broadway Lodge, ask questions or book one of our private treatment packages, please call our admissions team directly on 01934 815515 (9am – 5pm Monday to Friday), email [email protected] or send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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Private rehabilitation treatment FAQs

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