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Cannabis Addiction Treatment

Although it is often believed that cannabis is not an addictive drug, it can actually be just as addictive as any other drug. Cannabis is a mind-altering substance that can mentally and physically change the way you feel. For some people, cannabis becomes a drug they crave again and again for the changes that they experience after using it. Repeated use can eventually lead to cannabis addiction. At this stage, users may experience symptoms such as intense cravings for the drug, mood swings, decreased appetite, difficulty sleeping, and withdrawal symptoms when the drug is not available. While the idea of cannabis being harmless is widespread, an addiction to cannabis can be highly detrimental to the individual’s wellbeing.

Find the support you need to overcome cannabis addiction and regain control of your life at Broadway Lodge. With our 50 years of expertise as a respected addiction treatment centre in the UK, our dedicated team is here to help you or a loved one. Contact us today or keep reading to learn more about how we can support you on your path to recovery.

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Cannabis addiction: Symptoms, family & health


What are the symptoms of Cannabis addiction

Cannabis addiction affects thousands of people and it’s important to be able to recognise the symptoms early on. Individuals with addiction to cannabis may experience the following:

  • Increased tolerance leading to more use
  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Neglect of responsibilities
  • Using cannabis in risky or unsafe situations

If you or someone you know is struggling with cannabis addiction, it’s important to know that you are not alone and to reach out for help and support to overcome it.


The health risks of Cannabis to you and your family

While some people believe cannabis is a harmless substance, others believe it poses a great risk to health. In fact, cannabis use has been associated with various health problems, including respiratory issues, mental health disorders, and impaired cognitive function. Regular use of cannabis has been linked to an increased risk of developing schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders, particularly in people who have a genetic predisposition. Additionally, smoking cannabis can cause lung damage and lead to chronic bronchitis. Additionally, regular cannabis use can lead to impaired decision-making and compromised judgement – factors that can impact family dynamics and relationships.


What is Cannabis and why is it addictive?

Cannabis, also known as ‘marijuana’ and ‘weed’ among other terms, is a psychoactive drug derived from the cannabis plant. It contains a chemical called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is responsible for the “high” sensation and other effects. While some people use cannabis for medicinal purposes, it can also be used recreationally, leading to addiction. Research shows that THC affects the brain’s reward system, causing a surge in dopamine levels that can result in feelings of euphoria and pleasure.

But chronic use of cannabis can lead to changes in the brain that make it more difficult to quit, leading to addiction. This addiction can have negative impacts on physical and mental health, highlighting the need for education and resources to prevent and treat addiction.

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How Broadway Lodge can help

At Broadway Lodge our non-judgmental team of medical and therapeutic specialists are committed to helping you achieve a strong foundation to your recovery journey. A stay at Broadway Lodge means you will have the perfect environment to focus on getting well where you will receive plenty of support and the time and space to fully focus on your recovery and to improve your mental and emotional well-being.

Our team of nurses, counsellors, therapists and healthcare professionals will guide you every step of the way and your fellow peers will offer invaluable support too. You’ll experience compassionate care and understanding from the moment you arrive. Many members of the team have worked at Broadway Lodge for over 15 years and some have experienced addiction themselves. While each day is structured, your treatment will be tailored to your individual needs and you will be supported to work through the challenges that have impacted you in your life so that you can move forward.

What our clients say

“Broadway Lodge get it right… I can show up for life today and that’s quite amazing after decades of isolation and addiction.”

Rachael, former client

Your recovery

Our programme to full recovery

If you are using cannabis alone without dependence to alcohol or other drugs, you will begin therapeutic treatment without the need for a detox, although our medical team will be available 24/7 to support you with any symptoms you may experience as a result of suddenly stopping cannabis use.

You will develop healthy routine whilst staying at Broadway Lodge and engage in a structured programme of sessions and activities each day, led by qualified counsellors and therapists. During your time at Broadway Lodge, whether it’s four weeks, six months or somewhere in between, you will have at least one group therapy session each day, individual counselling sessions, personalised assignments, lectures, interactive and educational workshops, therapeutic films and shares from former clients and others in recovery who talk about their own experience. You will also work through the 12 Steps at your own pace. To further support your healing we regularly offer auricular acupuncture with relaxation, meditation classes and holistic therapies including Reiki, Indian Head Massage and aromatherapy massage. In the evenings you will have time to relax and unwind from the day and board games, films and other leisure activities are available.

For more detailed information about our transformative treatment programme at Broadway Lodge, click here.

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Fast track admission if you book one of our private treatment packages

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