In this podcast episode, William Pryor, great-great-grandson of arguably the most famous biologist, Charles Darwin, recounts memories of his colourful life in addiction back in the 60’s and 70’s. Growing up in an ‘intellectual elite’ family, William felt different. During school years he began smoking cannabis which escalated into opiate and cocaine use during his university education at one of the most exclusive educational institutions in the UK – Trinity College Cambridge. At age 35, William began his recovery journey from alcohol and drugs at Broadway Lodge. He was in fact our patient number 10 back in 1974, being one of the very first people to receive addiction treatment at Broadway Lodge!

We’d like to share our heartfelt gratitude to William for coming in and sharing details of his interesting life and showing that long-term recovery really is possible! You’re an inspiration William.

If you would like to find out more about William’s life his autobiography titled ‘Survival of the Coolest’ is available to purchase online.

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