Jack began his treatment at Broadway Lodge at age 24, staying in 2020 and spending Christmas, New Year and his 25th birthday with us. He returned to Broadway Lodge two years afterwards, clean and sober, to record this podcast with our Head of Treatment & Counselling, Markkus.

Regular recreational use of drugs began at school age. For Jack, the drug use spiralled into addiction following the sudden death of a loved one and for a number of years, he used anything he could to escape from the pain of grief. In this episode, Jack courageously shares the details of his life leading up to the point where he asks for help with his addiction, as well as what his stay at Broadway Lodge was like and how life has changed since. Today, Jack is leading a happy life, clean and sober with aspirations and a plan for his career. Listen all the way through to let Jack take you on his own journey and hear his top tips for recovery. 

We are very grateful to Jack for making the trip to Weston-super-Mare and for bravely sharing his personal story and allowing us to publish it to the world. He demonstrates that recovery is possible with the right support and we wish him every success with the future.

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