My name is Daniel and I am 39 years old. I started drinking at 17 and used alcohol as a way to deal with my feelings since then. I never really thought I had a problem with it until my life took a turn for the worse and my drinking got even heavier and progressed to daily use of cocaine and opiate pain killers, which I started taking after breaking my neck in a car accident.

Cocaine took a hold on me fast! And as I have addiction in my extended family I knew I was in trouble when I desperately wanted to stop using but just couldn’t stop! I quickly got myself to the rooms of C.A but found that the daily stresses and distractions of life did not allow me to let the things I was learning into my heart. I really felt I needed treatment somewhere. I sought help and at Broadway Lodge I was able to learn about ways to deal with life without the use of drink or drugs. I am very grateful for help before I got so ill that I may never again have been well enough to be a productive member of society.

Since I left treatment I have not used, one day at a time.

Thank you to Broadway Lodge for the treatment that is still keeping me clean and sober to this day.