My name is Jeremy. I was the kind of addict who thought I was unique. My family is very wealthy. I helped build an empire with them until due to my addiction they had to let me go from the family business for the sake of their reputation. Due to having ADHD – which I exploited – and good sales ability, I had incredible manipulation skills until my addict grew so powerful that he nearly took me out. My last relapse left me dangerously close to death.

I have the benefit (or curse) of an education from one of the finest public schools in the country followed by studying at Oxford University. I earned monstrous amounts of money which meant I had endless supplies of cocaine. My grandiose issues exceeded most by far. Broadway Lodge has provided me with humility.

Today I have surrendered to a 24 hour programme of radical acceptance, complete abstinence and change in attitude and do this everyday. It is one day at a time. I did what was suggested by Broadway Lodge and found a good sponsor the day I returned to London. Today I am safe. I feel like one of the lucky ones. I am not cured but have a chance of living if I follow the programme of staying clean just for today.

Broadway lodge is the Ferrari 250 GTO of treatment.