“I didn’t realise I had a problem with it until I tried to stop drinking. I couldn’t stop by myself…The level of support was amazing, I can’t thank this place enough, really can’t. If it wasn’t for coming to Broadway Lodge, it would have been just another endless detox and going back out there with no foundation to sustain me to be abstinent. They’re amazing, priceless.”

Dawn struggled with alcohol addiction to a point where she could no longer work and it led her to situations that were dangerous to her physical and mental health. Just a few months after successfully completing all 12 steps of the 12 step programme during her 3 month stay, Dawn discusses how her life has drastically changed since completing treatment at Broadway Lodge, including how she feels able to be a mum to her children again.

She is just at the beginning of a unique and exciting life changing journey that Broadway Lodge enables so many people to achieve.