9th May 2024

Outing to the Art of Banksy

Last month, people who participate in our in-person aftercare sessions (held in Weston-super-Mare town centre every Thursday) and extended care clients staying at Broadway Lodge, were treated to a funded social activity. Jan, the Aftercare Support Worker, has written about their trip to the Art of Banksy exhibition in London below.


It was a case of ‘third time lucky’ when we purchased tickets for the Art of Banksy Exhibition in London for our final Aftercare activity during the first year of the service.  Totally understanding of the elusive nature of the artist himself, the exhibition had become equally difficult to track down as the organisers tried to find a new venue to set up the extended event.

Thursday 11th April was confirmed and, tickets in hand, we made our way to London’s Soho filled with anticipation and excitement.

We were slightly let down by the coach company in that they sent us a 19-seater that left no room to move, turn around, store anything, put a coffee down or swing the proverbial cat.  No matter, we accepted our sardine status and got on with it.

Nineteen of us all together including five Broadway Lodge clients in extended care, left for London and the atmosphere was happy and filled with expectation.

As we entered London, Tara, one of our Aftercare clients proved to be a first rate ‘tour guide’ as she knew London extremely well.  She pointed out places of interest, left, right and centre, all the way to Soho.  Another client, Sharlene, had never been to London before, so the journey alone was a total revelation for her and enthralling.

The exhibition was everything we had all hoped for and pictures galore were taken and shared.

People then peeled off and ‘did their own thing’ for a few hours before our departure at 4.30pm.

Tara took a group of clients on a tour around Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, St Martins in the Field and every other place of interest they could squeeze in.  Others went for food, shopped, strolled and revisited old ‘stomping grounds’.

Some had a surprise celebrity encounter in Soho, bumping into actress Lesley Joseph (pictured below), who was happy to have a photograph taken, before catching the coach for the return journey. The ladies who met her were absolutely made up.

Exhausted and full of excitement about our many experiences that day, we fell into our seats, space allowing of course!

“I looked down a street of bars I used to hang out in, in various states of intoxication.  Today I felt proud of myself knowing those streets couldn’t touch me now.” Mikey


“What an amazing day, a whole group of recovering addicts enthusiastically sharing the experience of Banksy’s artwork. Not something any of us would have been capable of or interested in in the past.” Tony