Extended care treatment

Broadway Lodge’s Extended Care programme is organised and run as a residential therapeutic community and is designed as a stepping stone in the recovery process between Primary Care and independent living. The community is situated on the periphery of the beautiful Broadway campus.

Residential rehabilitation

What is extended care treatment?

Extended care provides a safe environment in which to practice and further develop what has been learnt in primary care. The programme is abstinence-based and continues with work on the 12 Steps which for most people will involve working on Steps 6 to 12, although some clients may also work with other issues such as grief or co-dependency.

The programme includes individual and group therapy, workshops, outings, art groups and attendances at AA/NA Fellowship meetings.

In addition, where appropriate and following careful planning, clients may have the chance to go home for a weekend. This normally occurs in the second half of treatment and provides the opportunity for clients to reconnect with family and the home environment prior to discharge, and to process the experience on return as part of their plan for leaving treatment.

How long is the programme?

The length of the programme will vary depending on the situation but is typically based on a 12 week structure and aims to support the development of the social, life and recovery skills required to maintain a quality recovery.