Broadway Lodge from outside
11th January 2018

Only our clients, their friends and their families benefit from every penny spent on treatment

We would like to thank the Sunday Times for highlighting the plight of addicts who end up paying for much more than they bargained for.

We strongly disagree with the profiteering that happens when people are struggling and we do not support it in any way.

Our clients (the addicts) are desperate for help and it is our pleasure and privilege to be able to support them. However, we do not support people who want to make unreasonable profits out of these individuals’ desperation and we think it is immoral that some seek to do so.

We do everything within our power to support our clients (addicts – whatever the drug of choice) into recovery and every penny spent goes towards their support. In fact, we often subsidise the support through our charitable work.

Yes, very importantly, we are a charitable organisation and we are very proud of what we do, so our clients benefit from;

  • Not paying excessive “middlemen” charges
  • Not paying shareholders who want to profit from them
  • The support of our charitable income
  • The support of our fantastic group of volunteers
  • The love that oozes from everyone at Broadway Lodge

Recovery through the 12-step programme is one of the most fantastic things that can happen to any person so please continue to support us by ensuring that every penny spent is for the benefit of our clients and their families.

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