edna simon
23rd June 2018

Edna and Simon visit Broadway Lodge

Whilst at the TOWER group, we got speaking to two members of the group, Edna and Simon, who are local celebrities and have appeared in local and national newspapers, documentaries and TV reality shows because of their unique relationship.

Edna stated that her mother worked at Broadway Lodge in the 1920s when it was a home and not a rehabilitation centre. Markkus thought it would be nice to invite them up to Broadway Lodge so that she could see where her mother worked many years ago.

Edna and Simon had a fantastic time walking around Broadway Lodge, meeting staff and residents and pointing out historical facts about the building and what it was used for. Edna even highlighted some history related to the ceiling roses and cornicing in the lecture hall. Edna is full of lots of information on many different subjects.  Equally, Simon has a fantastic analytical mind and could point out within 15 minutes of being at Broadway and looking at the information displayed around the building how the first 3 steps of the 12-step programme work, which was amazing.

At the end of their visit Edna commented how it was lovely to put another piece of the puzzle together to her mother’s life.

Just as we do with our patients, we took a photo of them together in our Admissions department.