Covid 19 swab test
2nd October 2020

Coronavirus test kits secured

After months of daily phone calls and emails trying tirelessly to get hold of coronavirus test kits, we are very pleased to announce that we have successfully secured a supply.

We responded quickly to the pandemic and have implemented appropriate on-going measures to minimise infection risk since lockdown was announced in March (written about in our blog here). But the addition of coronavirus testing provides extra reassurance to clients and their loved ones, knowing that we have as many resources available as possible to identify and manage the virus.

Testing has also meant that the admission process is more streamlined as we can ensure that a new admission isn’t quarantined for any longer than they need to be. A new client is tested on their first and fourth day at Broadway Lodge and two negative coronavirus results means we know for certain that they can safely move into the main house where they will mix with their peers.

With kits now available on-site, we can also test anyone who may display coronavirus symptoms.

To date, there have been no cases of coronavirus at Broadway Lodge and should a staff member experience any symptoms, they are asked to self-isolate at home in line with Government guidance.