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19th June 2020

Adapting to coronavirus

We’re open and pleased to be supporting people to free themselves from addiction whilst the pandemic is still prevalent. And we’re proud of our dedicated team for adapting to changes whilst continuing to deliver essential detoxifications and therapeutic services safely.

As a residential treatment centre for addiction, our medically-managed detoxification and therapeutic services run 24/7 so it was not possible to close when other businesses did once the coronavirus lockdown was announced. To date, we have had no cases of coronavirus and the health and safety of our clients and staff is of utmost importance. Senior management are in regular contact with the local infection prevention and control team as well as the Care Quality Commission and continue to closely observe Public Health England advice and government guidance to ensure infection control and hygiene best practice is followed.

Prior to lockdown being announced on the 23rd March, the decision was made to postpone new client admissions. This action was taken to minimise the risks of transmission to our current residents and staff whilst appropriate PPE was sourced and as a result of reduced client numbers we were able to easily implement social distancing measures around the spacious house. Client numbers remain lower, which they will for some time, so that we can maintain a safe environment which adheres to social distancing guidelines.

Other changes we’ve implemented in response to coronavirus include:


Admission Process:

To ensure everyone is kept safe and coronavirus-free, our current process is to quarantine all new admissions in their own single en-suite room for the first 14 days with us. Our medical facility is now operating in a separate on-site unit (Gordon Beard Unit) staffed 24/7 by our specialist clinicians who wear full PPE and monitor all clients regularly. During this time, clients in the Gordon Beard Unit will be allowed to use their phones and any personal mobile devices (e.g. iPad). After 14 days, and if showing no coronavirus symptoms, the client will transition into the main house to begin the therapeutic programme. We are staggering new admissions which are currently limited to a maximum of five per week. The duration of quarantine is under continual review and we continue to lobby for appropriate coronavirus testing for new clients.


Health Monitoring:

Each day everyone at Broadway Lodge have their temperature and pulse oximetry recorded several times – a quick and effective measure for monitoring the main symptoms. All of our staff have received clear communication about the signs and symptoms of coronavirus and instructions on what to do if they feel they could be infected.


Client Centered Approach:

Historically our programme has been scheduled every week in advance and clients followed a rigid routine week in, week out. Because of a 75% drop in the number of clients and a different staff shift pattern (with many now working from home), the therapeutic approach is more client centered. Counsellors meet with the client group in the morning and plan a tailored therapeutic schedule specifically for that day to address any issues or preferences that the group present.


Virtual Communication:

An important part of our programme is for clients to attend Fellowship meetings in the community. In addition, at least once a week an ex-resident will visit to share their story of addiction and recovery. Coronavirus has paused face to face meetings and we haven’t been allowing visitors to Broadway Lodge. However, thanks to technology, our clients can gather in the main hall and connect to online Fellowship meetings and listen to ex-resident shares via video call.  We know how important contact with family and friends is, especially at this lonely time so clients can use our Skype/Zoom for this purpose also. Our aftercare sessions have also been able to continue and are conducted using Zoom and some one to one counselling sessions have been conducted with clients virtually.


Therapy Alterations:

Close contact with anyone outside of another household has been prohibited during lockdown so our massage therapist has been unable to deliver this very relaxing treatment. Our external aerobics instructor is not allowed on site due to our ‘no visitor’ policy therefore these classes have not been possible. However, Auricular Acupuncture, Tai Chi and yoga sessions have continued to be delivered by staff and clients can spend time to relax and reflect in our peaceful gardens and virtual exercise classes have been enjoyed.


Mobile Phones Allowed:

For the first time in Broadway Lodge history clients are able to use their mobile phones. Now more than ever, keeping in touch with friends and family is really important and we feel it’s appropriate for clients to be able to freely contact loved ones.


No Visitors:

Currently no visitors are allowed into Broadway Lodge which unfortunately means that visiting on Sunday’s is not allowed and our Family Programme sessions are not being held. Clients are however able to keep in touch with friends and family through telephone calls, virtual video calls and are able to use their own mobile phones (for the duration of their first two weeks and allocated times thereafter).


Coronavirus has forced us to implement necessary alterations over the last few weeks and this testing time has presented opportunities to experiment with different ways of working which may drive some exciting change for the way we do things in the future.


Coronavirus has changed the way we deliver treatment at Broadway Lodge. The programme is organised and delivered daily which is client centered and sometimes client led. It’s more relaxed. We meet with clients first thing and structure the day according to the immediate needs of clients. What seems to have happened is that there’s more sense of a community, everyone looks out for each other and wants to keep each other safe.

Markkus, Head of Treatment & Counselling 


It’s given our clients an opportunity to develop an intimacy among themselves which has supported themselves in their individual and joint journey process. It’s helping them to manage not only the therapeutic journey but the different struggles that have presented at this difficult time.

Charma, Counselling Coordinator 


I am extremely proud of our team for pulling together, adapting to new ways of working and continuing to offer excellent care to people experiencing this pandemic during their treatment at Broadway Lodge.

Lee, Registered Manager & Deputy CEO



Would you like some help?

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