arbd awareness
4th July 2017

ARBD awareness

At Broadway Lodge, we are always trying to deliver useful training and information to our patients to enhance the programme and bring more awareness to them about their illness of addiction.

Last week we had Milan and Clive from ARBD (Alcohol Related Brain Disorder) Awareness come and deliver a fantastic and very interesting lecture to the patients on Wernicke’s disease and Korsakoff’s syndrome which we are starting to see more of with our patients in treatment.  Both illnesses can be life threatening if in advanced stages but are reversible if caught early. Most people, including some in the health profession, are completely unaware of these illnesses and their presenting symptoms and there have been cases when people have been sent home from A & E and have died because of an undiagnosed ARBD.

Thank you Milan and Clive for coming and bringing more awareness to this subject. Please check out their website on