Michele stayed at Broadway Lodge in 2021 and is now over 15 months sober. During her time in treatment, Michele realised that she’s always had an addictive trait which showed in her early teens with different behaviours. Later, alcohol became the priority over everything else and the addiction eventually led her to giving up on life. It was at her rock bottom that she came into Broadway Lodge and in this episode she discusses her mental health, time in treatment and how life has been in recovery.

Trigger warning: Michele touches on self-harm and suicidal thoughts in this podcast.

We’d like to thank Michele for taking the time to courageously share details of her childhood, mental health and adult life in addiction and recovery. She demonstrates that recovery is possible and we are so grateful to her for recording this podcast episode.

Please note: We apologise for the sound problem in this episode – we hope that you are still able to comfortably listen.

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