Stephen experienced a childhood that was absent of parents and full of trauma, neglect and fear. He was a child missing the safety and security of a mother. In this Miracle Mansion Podcast episode, Stephen opens up about the negative belief system that he inherently developed and details moments in his life that led to an addiction to heroin and crack cocaine and how he got to a point of having a complete lack of respect for himself and anyone else.

Now, clean and sober for four years, Stephen’s captivating and honest first-hand account of life inside and outside of active addiction is both sad and hopeful. Listen until the end to hear what Stephen advises people need to do to get the most out of treatment at Broadway Lodge and his tips for recovery.

We’d like to send enormous thanks and gratitude to Stephen for speaking with Markkus about his story and for allowing us to publish this episode. We hope that it inspires others who are in active addiction to have some hope that life without using alcohol and drugs to fix feelings is possible. You can become the person you were always meant to be with the right support and when you’re ready.

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