In this episode, Katie talks openly to Markkus, our Head of Treatment & Counselling, about her life before and during active drug addiction, as well as her life in recovery since treatment at Broadway Lodge over eight years ago.

Katie shares how she remembers never feeling happy as a child and sought ways to escape so would occupy herself with art, writing or reading. Once she was a little older, she became very curious about trying drugs and alcohol to see if they could change how she felt. By the age of 15, Katie was introduced to various drugs including ecstasy, LSD, crack cocaine and heroin. She talks about leaving home at a young age, how her drug use became problematic really quickly, her relationships in addiction and how she eventually found residential treatment at Broadway Lodge for treatment.

We are very grateful to Katie for bravely sharing her story of addiction and recovery, it was an absolute pleasure welcoming her back to Broadway Lodge to record this episode. We wish her all the best of luck with her future courses and on-going recovery journey.

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