When Ben came into treatment at Broadway Lodge for cocaine addiction in July 2019, he said he did it as a way to try and get his wife back because she had left him a few weeks before and told him he needs help. As Ben settled in, with a small amount of willingness to listen to what staff had to say, his mindset and approach to treatment began to shift and he started to take it a lot more seriously. He completed four weeks treatment at Broadway Lodge and not only has he applied what he has learned to his life, but also to his business which he has turned around too.

In this episode, Ben talks about his treatment during his short stay with us, people pleasing and how he managed early recovery. He also discusses his relationships with loved ones, how he turned his business around using inspiration from what he learnt at Broadway Lodge and his fears around socialising without drinking again.

We have a huge amount of thanks and appreciation to Ben for returning to Broadway Lodge to bravely share his experience of the damage that cocaine addiction had on his life, his family and his business and how just a four week stay with professional support enabled him to turn everything around.

We apologise for the sound quality in this episode, unfortunately there was a settings error when recording the audio but we hope you are still able to listen comfortably.

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