Andy first experienced residential treatment for addiction in his home city of Manchester in 2017.

Following a relapse, his loved ones recommended Broadway Lodge where he could have more intensive treatment for a longer duration. Andy immersed himself in the programme, completed treatment and decided to live into a dry house in Bristol to continue to focus on his recovery. He has remained clean and sober ever since Broadway Lodge and is now sponsoring others, helping to guide them through their early recovery using the wisdom he has acquired through his own experience.

In this episode, Andy talks with Markkus in detail about how he has been navigating recovery since completing treatment: what he has learned, how he has managed the relocation from north to south and what tools have helped him in his recovery so far.

We’d like to give Andy our sincere thanks and gratitude for supporting the podcast, for the precious time given to come back to Broadway Lodge to record the episode, for being so willing and honest and for allowing us to share it. All of the Miracle Mansion Podcast episodes are available to listen to/download on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

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