former client Laura as a pantomime witch
16th December 2019

Witch makes us proud

Markkus (Head of Treatment & Counselling) recently watched a pantomime called ‘Rose-Beauty & The Beast’ which his daughter was starring in at a theatre in Weston. During the show he noticed that the wicked witch, one of the lead roles, was being played by former client Lily who completed treatment earlier this year (pictured above).

Surprised at the time, Markkus was impressed to see Lily pursuing her passion for performance. He felt proud of her for having the motivation and courage to settle somewhere new following treatment, enrol in a performing arts college course whilst continuing to focus on her recovery every day.

Each client has individual circumstances and preferences for their next steps after leaving Broadway Lodge and we support them as much as possible with their post-treatment plan. Lily is one example of hundreds to demonstrate that addiction can be beaten, recovery is possible and interests and hobbies can become a part of their new journey.