Former client William Pryor with Markkus Trew
5th August 2022

William returns after 47 years

Yesterday we had the honour and pleasure of welcoming William Pryor back to Broadway Lodge. He was a patient here 47 years ago in 1975 and was one of the very first, patient number 10 to be exact. He was 31 years old. Back then Broadway Lodge was run by a gentleman called Jim Ditzler who was an ex-US marine and we heard things were a lot stricter and more disciplined back then!

William, great-great grandson of arguably the most famous biologist, Charles Darwin, has led an interesting life. So much so that he wrote a book almost 20 years ago called ‘The Survival of the Coolest’. It’s a captivating memoir that details his colourful life in the 1960’s, education at Eton and Cambridge whilst using cocaine and heroin and the years that followed.

William has been clean and sober ever since his stay at Broadway Lodge and has not returned until yesterday (Thursday 4th August). Whilst here he shared his story of addiction and recovery with Markkus which has been recorded for our new podcast series, due for release in the next few weeks – keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page for this. William also kindly gave us two copies of his book which will be added to the collection that we have here for clients to enjoy.