TTK hospital India
26th February 2020

Surprise message of thanks from Dr Shanthi Ranganathan

We were recently contacted by Dr Shanthi Ranganathan who undertook training here back in 1980 when Broadway Lodge was just six years old.  It was a pleasure to hear from Dr Shanthi, firstly, for still thinking of Broadway Lodge after 40 years but also because she has gone on to do some amazing work since her training.

After learning about how Broadway Lodge treats people suffering with addiction, Dr Shanthi set up a facility in Chennai, India, initially as a day centre helping those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. This soon evolved and in 1987, she founded TTK Hospital, India’s first residential treatment centre exclusively for drug and alcohol addiction. Over 55,000 people from across the world have now been treated at TTK Hospital and Dr Shanthi’s work has not gone unrecognised. In 1999 she was awarded the first United Nations Vienna Civil Society Award for her contributions to helping those who suffer with drug misuse. In 1992 she was awarded the Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award from the Government of India for her contributions to society, and most recently, received the Avvaiyar Award by the Government of Tamil Nadu in 2015. This was for her contribution in rehabilitating individuals addicted to alcohol and helping their families for over three decades.

Her thoughtful email to us can be read below along with the hospital’s card to mark its 40th birthday.

Dr Shanthi


Dear Sir,

I am Dr Shanthi Ranganathan from Chennai India.

I visited your centre in 1980 and underwent training there. Dr Dan Anderson was the President at that time. A separate medical facility for the professional treatment of alcoholism was unknown in India then.

Your programme not only gave me insights into the treatment of alcoholics and their families but also provided me with details of the protocols involved in setting up a centre. We started TTK Hospital for alcoholism and drug abuse in the year 1980 and have completed 40 years of service. The hospital as a pioneer in this field has helped thousands of people to recovery and brought us global recognition.

I am grateful to your organization for sharing your knowledge and expertise with me.


Shanthi Ranganathan