Holding hands for comfort
23rd May 2018

Support for families

Open to families and close friends of patients, ex-patients and those who have not yet found rehab, our new complimentary ‘Family Programme’ launched on Sunday 29th April 2018 and received a very positive reception. The programme has been implemented to offer more support and education for family members of patients and non-patients with addiction.

It is delivered by experienced counsellors at our address in Weston-Super-Mare and runs every Sunday from 11am – 4.30pm which includes lunch and, if you have a family member with us, two hours visiting time in the afternoon. Attendees will receive education about addiction through a lecture and open discussion covering a range of relevant topics, as well as advice on how to support someone with addiction.

We encourage attendance at our family programme for as many weeks as possible before, during and after the relative or friend has completed treatment.  Each week will cover different topics so continued attendance is recommended in order to gain the maximum benefit. Upcoming sessions will be advertised on our website here.

Following the initial session, one family member praised the programme, writing:

It was very humbling to see how other families have suffered, I am sure you see it all the time. A bit of a first for me. It was also very comforting to be acquainted with a professional person who is part of a team giving life-changing support to people, and indirectly to families like ours. Your intelligence, patience, understanding and care for others shone through…Most of us are outsiders to addiction, quite ignorant of all that goes on in sufferer’s lives; you gave us a little insight and that is very helpful. Your messages came through loud and clear. I would like to say how moved I was today about your commitment and how impressed I was with the ethos of the Lodge.” Patient Family Member (30/04/18)

The family programme is free to attend, however, we are always happy and grateful to receive donations via our website or in person on the day.

Why It’s Important

When a friend or family member suffers from addiction it can be a horrendous time for them and their family, probably feeling a mixture of anger, worry and fear for the future.

We are very aware that it is not just the person who is addicted that is affected by their behaviour. Everyone who knows that person will have been affected in one way or another.

As part of our work we offer support to families as well as the addict. It is important that the family know what the person is going through, how to deal with situations and know that they are not alone. It is very important for the family members to look after their own wellbeing and know how to recover from the traumas of the addict’s illness.

Sample Family Programme Agenda

10:45-11:00:    Arrival and sign-in

11:00-12:00:    Welcome/ introduction/ diary session

12:00-13:00:    Recovery topic e.g. ‘Addiction and the Family Member Explained’

13:15-14:00:    Lunch/ break

14:00-16:00:    Visiting (if applicable)

16:00-16:30:    Feedback & discussion on the day

How to Enquire & Book

If you are visiting a patient at Broadway Lodge, the patient is responsible for booking their visitors to the Sunday family programme on a weekly basis. You will not be allowed visiting time if they have not booked you in.

For those who are not visiting a current patient, to book your place/s, please call reception on 01934 812319 or email family@broadwaylodge.org.uk. Please note, places are limited to two per booking on a first come first serve basis and bookings must be made by 2pm on the Friday prior.

We look forward to welcoming you to the programme.