broadway lodge entrance
4th May 2018

Sean’s poem

Following the patient poem that was published two weeks ago we have received another thoughtful poem from a former patient which we are delighted to be able to share. We are so grateful and thankful to receive honest and reflective pieces of writing about addiction and patient’s experiences at Broadway Lodge.

Sean’s Poem

“Dear little Sean. From the moment you were born it seemed something wasn’t right you never wanted to go to bed at night. You were so mischievous and totally off key, today they would call it ADHD. I remember when you were placed in care, that feeling of rejection life was so unfair. You were being bullied and full of fear until one day you were given a beer. Alcohol and drugs became a way of life until they started to cause you strife. You tried and tried and nearly died but could never stop. Self pity and victim were a massive block. When you went to rehab you had little hope but as we write you’re 4 months free of dope.”