Wooden steps
5th July 2019

Rhyming 12 Steps

As an element of the abstinence-based programme at Broadway Lodge patients will begin to work through the 12 Steps during treatment. The 12 Steps were written in the 1930’s and are, in simple terms, a set of principles that aim to enable individuals to live a life in recovery from addiction. As the original wording is dated it can be helpful for those who are unfamiliar with the philosophy to receive further explanation.

A current patient has written their own personal interpretation of the 12 Steps called 12 Steps Homage, cleverly explaining each Step using rhyme (below). We wanted to share this piece of work because not only is it impressive but it could help others to understand the 12 Steps in more detail.

At Broadway Lodge patients receive integrated treatment that is varied, so as well as work based on the 12 Steps, they have access to one to one counselling, holistic therapies, workshops and other interventions that help to improve their mental, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing.


12 Steps Homage

Step 1

I finally admit I have no power over drugs,

it used to give me contentment, kisses and hugs.

But now I feel sadness, resentment and guilt,

I’ve messed up everything important I’ve built.

I know I can’t manage my life anymore,

at last I’m ready, I’m through Broadway’s door.


Step 2

I’m ready to ask for help out of this hell,

In the nick of time, saved by the bell.

Now I believe, will this leave me alone?

If it does not I will pick up my phone.

So please Higher Power restore me to sanity,

for all that I want is to re-join humanity.


Step 3

As I let go, surrender my will,

I’m hoping my life will now be a thrill.

I’m trying to understand, be released of my fear,

I’ll take my foot off the pedal and I’ll let my God steer.

So thank you up there for giving me belief,

to bury the trauma, the hurt, shame and grief.


Step 4

Now I must take account of myself,

for the sake of my family, my mind and my health.

I must be fearless, bold and strong

and accept all I did was selfish and wrong.

I have to stand up, at last be a man,

Write with conviction, be the best that I can.

I’ve got to be honest, however it hurts me,

Then after this task I’ll start to feel free.


Step 5

I’ve admitted to you, myself and a friend,

Hopefully now all this pain it will end.

The power of people will win me this fight,

Time to leave darkness and follow the light.

I know the exact nature of all I did wrong.

Why to admit this, did it take me so long?

I’ll strap on my seatbelt, get ready for Step 6

‘cos with this new programme I have my new fix.


Step 6

I’m entirely ready, God remove all my shit,

I know I won’t regret this, not one little bit.

Cleanse me of all my character flaws,

Bring new beginnings, open fresh doors.

I have surrendered, given you the big nod,

Once more I thank you I believe in some God.

All be it though I don’t quite understand

When I ask for your help will you reach out your hand.


Step 7

Remove our shortcomings, strip us down bare,

How long this may take you I don’t really care.

Maybe one day soon I’ll wake up, feel free,

Start being the man I was sure born to be.

I’m starting to feel shiny brand new,

If I get into trouble revert to Step 2.


Step 8

Now it’s my list of all the people I’ve hurt.

I’ll make amends, that’s a dead cert.

It will take me some time no doubt there’s a few,

Goodbye to the old me, hello to the new

And when my list is complete, my amends out the way

Only then I can look forward to a bright sunny day.


Step 9

I’ve made direct amends, swallowed false pride.

With newfound honesty I’ve nothing to hide.

But I must be careful of who that I choose,

Pick the wrong person, I’ve so much to lose.

I must keep people from any harm

that could be dangerous, set off an alarm.

I trust my judgement it won’t let me down,

But just say it did, I’d sure feel a clown.

I’m kidding I know who it is I must call

With patience comes trust, I’ll break down the wall.


Step 10

My personal inventory the list will increase

Follow the programme and I’ll find inner peace.

When I was wrong I made a bad choice

But now I’m assertive, I’ve found my new voice.

I can promptly admit when I’ve let people down,

For in self-pity I no longer drown.


Step 11

Day by day it falls into place,

Remember it’s a marathon not a sprint race.

Hand me the knowledge take over my will,

These new beliefs, they fit the bill.

I’m blessed and I’m grateful to be shown the right way

I’ve dropped all my defects, make the most of today.

By praying to something I now know to be real,

Slowly but surely I’m starting to heal.


Step 12

So now I’m sitting on the final step

I’ve done all the reading, I’ve done all the prep.

The time has come to re-write my own fate,

You wouldn’t believe me I’m feeling just great.

I’ll never give up I’ll spread the word round

I’m a 12 Step heavyweight, the best pound for pound.

My journey’s been hard to say the least,

But I’ve silenced my addict, I’ve tamed off the fat beast.

A shout out to everyone who helped me through this,

I’ll be at every meeting be sure not to miss.

One last thing, give it a go yourself,

I promise humility, wisdom, good health!