Broadway Lodge from outside
11th September 2018

Residential rehab closures

It’s no secret that Government funding to help those suffering with addiction has been severely cut in recent years and is being stretched more and more. Cuts are regularly being written about in the press and recently The Independent stated that “spending on treatment has been slashed by £117m in just five years”.

With less effective, short term, non-residential treatment alternatives, such as harm minimisation, residential treatment is granted only sparingly for those most in need, resulting in fewer admissions to residential rehab centres across the country.

With the on-going cuts, many established rehabs have had to sadly close as they are unable to continue to pay staff and overheads required to provide the support their clients need. Alarmingly, it’s estimated that 40% of rehabs in the UK have buy ativan 2.5 mg closed in the last 3 years.

One of those casualties is Focus 12, a rehab which closed last month after over 20 years of delivering life saving treatment to hundreds of individuals struggling with addiction. Another casualty is Chandos House, a male only rehab in Bristol that opened 35 years ago. It was recently announced that their finances are at crisis point and it’s reported that the centre, which is the only rehab centre left in Bristol, will have to close in November if they don’t raise enough funds to sustain the facility.

Fortunately, Broadway Lodge is going strong and are here for anyone who would like support residential or outpatient support for addiction.

The full news report about the Chandos House crisis can be read here.