pen y fan
26th June 2017

Pen y Fan sponsored walk for Broadway Lodge

Broadway Lodge has been fortunate to receive support in the form of sponsorship from the family of a former Broadway Lodge resident.

One of our fantastic supporters, Sharon Williams, and her family from West Wales, decided to create a sponsored walk for Broadway Lodge to show her gratitude for the care we provided, and to raise funds to help other people in the same position her sister was in.

We are walking Pen y Fan in memory of our wonderful sister Sandra Lickley, who came into Broadway Lodge four years ago to battle the illness she had.

On July 5th 2016 we lost our rock, our best friend, the beautiful Sandra. She was the most beautiful, funny, kind and caring person. She was loved by everyone, but taken by addiction.

Sandra came into Broadway Lodge which was able to give her another 3 years of life. We were lucky enough to spend this time with her. She was so much better and praised the staff immensely, as their care helped her battle the illness she had.

One year ago, Sandra relapsed and was unable to battle the illness anymore – sadly we lost her.

To show our gratitude to Broadway Lodge we will be walking Pen y Fan on the first anniversary of losing her. There will be 12 of us doing the sponsored walk. Thanks to Broadway Lodge we were able to spend more time with our dear Sandra. We definitely wouldn’t have had that time with her if it wasn’t for Broadway Lodge, so our walk is a way of showing our gratitude and to give something back to Broadway Lodge, and to help other people in the same position Sandra was in.

Sharon Williams

If you would like to donate to Sharon’s sponsored walk of Pen y Fan, you can do so on the following link on JustGiving: