Broadway Lodge from outside
17th April 2018

Patient poem

Today we have received a very pleasant surprise from a former patient who recently left his 13-week rehabilitation stay at Broadway Lodge.  He has written an insightful poem to express his experience of his initial 2 weeks whilst detoxing from alcohol addiction, addressed as a ‘tribute to the medical team’ here at Broadway Lodge, who provided 24/7 care during this time.

We are touched by this warming and hopeful poem and are grateful to be able to share it with you. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did (poem shown below).

Lodge Poems Weeks 1 & 2

It would appear

The wheelchair dealer

Has my undeleted number

The detox bed I booked into

Encourages nothing but the night sweats

I cannot think clearly

I only sink deeply

Into the tortured restlessness

Of numbed torpor

Twisted and destroyed

But surrendering to the calming hand

Of the nursing guardian spirits

The paragons of healing

Ease my shaking

Dry my perspiration

Slowly encourage my walking

Frame me in metal

But still no talking

Just injecting

And more sleeping

No awareness of movement

Some memories of sitting

Not really hearing

Not really listening

No real understanding

But a recurring feeling of hope

A hope I am not too late

I left it so long

Now memories start to flicker through

But disappear so quickly

I cannot seize their meaning

But I know the angels are cleaning

And I feel a growing glow

And now I know

By the day, by the hour

I am in the best place