23rd March 2023

New meditation room at Broadway Lodge

Stuart, our maintenance manager, has been re-decorating a former office on the second floor into a new room for clients at Broadway Lodge and it’s called ‘Space’. Space is now a multi-sensory room where clients can go to meditate or sit comfortably on a beanbag in peace and quiet.

Going through the addiction treatment journey can be stressful and emotionally draining at times, as the past and painful memories are brought to the surface and clients learn to sit with different emotions without the use of drink, drugs or compulsive behaviours to manage. We teach clients new ways of managing stress and feelings, and one of the techniques they explore at Broadway Lodge is mindfulness and meditation. While people use Space for different reasons, usually it’s used as a place to meditate or practice mindfulness breathing and to regain a sense of calm and clarity.

To aid their time in Space, a blind has been fitted in order to darken the room which is softly lit by a Himalayan salt lamp. There is also quiet meditation music to listen to and visitors to Space can choose to fill the room with incense or a calming scent using an aroma diffuser. This room is a welcome addition because it’s the only room at Broadway Lodge established solely for the purpose of meditation and relaxation that clients can freely use, located away from well-used areas of the house.

A client recently said:

“I tend to go to Space when I feel slightly overwhelmed or if I just want some ‘me time’ as it can feel quite full on being around people sometimes. It’s a place where I can go to gather my thoughts, process what I’m feeling or thinking about and somewhere I can unwind because it’s a quiet, still and peaceful area and it’s nice to escape to for a little bit. The salt lamp, incense smells and meditation music is lovely and relaxing.”