new feature at broadway
17th October 2018

New feature installed at Broadway

Last week Stuart and Anthony in our maintenance department were busy working on a new feature for clients to enjoy in the garden. They installed 13 posts, attaching signs to each to create a new garden trail.

As a 12-step based treatment centre, it was decided that incorporating the 12-steps into the new feature would add more meaning to the route and provide an attractive walk in the fresh air of the grounds for clients to think and reflect within a peaceful environment. The route purposefully passes seating areas to provide the option for maximising the relaxation time outdoors. Each post has one of the steps detailed on it leading from step 1 at the beginning to step 12 (ah, to explain, the additional “13th” post marks the starting position of the trail!).

We engaged with fellow local charity Somerset Wood Recycling who supplied the treated posts and independent signage supplier AP Signs & Print.

We are delighted with this new feature which can be seen on the video below, providing a short (wobbly!) snippet of the trail.