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24th March 2020

Miracle Mansion Podcast Episode 1: Vicky’s Treatment with Dual Diagnosis

It has been on our radar for several months and we’re really happy that our very own podcast is available for the world to listen to! Our first episode of ‘Miracle Mansion Podcast by Broadway Lodge’ is now available to download on Apple Podcast/iTunes and Spotify (the audio can also be listened to below).

Addiction is a very isolating illness and is misunderstood by many in society. Podcasts enable us to utilise another method of communication with the wider world to give society a real insight into addiction but to also help others who are suffering with the illness to feel less alone and to give them some hope that they can recover.

The series will feature Markkus, Head of Treatment & Counselling, talking to current clients and former clients as well as loved ones who have been affected by someone else’s addiction. Listeners will learn about very personal first-hand experiences and what has helped them to cope through such an emotional and challenging time in their lives.

The first episode is all about Vicky’s story. Vicky suffers with dual diagnosis whereby her addiction exists alongside complex mental health conditions including Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder. Mum-of-three, Vicky, battled with many obstacles during her six months stay at Broadway Lodge but her transformation is incredible. She discusses her treatment experience and how her thinking has changed as a result of the therapeutic work undertaken.

With coronavirus changing our lives daily and more of us isolating in our homes, why not check out Miracle Mansion Podcast to keep you occupied for 36 minutes?! We apologise for any background noise at the beginning – we have learnt not to sit on leather chairs whilst recording the next ones!


Listen to episode 1 here:

Miracle Mansion Podcast Episode 1: Vicky’s Treatment with Dual Diagnosis