28th December 2018

Mid-treatment poems

We’d like to share two poems that a client has written several weeks into residential treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. The first outlines her initial thoughts early on and the second explores her feelings about Broadway Lodge once she had settled in. We like to share these first hand accounts as they offer an insight into treatment for anyone who is considering rehabilitation for themselves or a loved one.

Poem 1

I’m on a three week detox
To get off drugs and drink,
I thought it would be bad,
But it’s not as bad as you’d think.
I knew a few people
As I walked through the door,
If I did not do it,
I’d be buried in the floor.

Patients and staff have been lovely to me,
I have not thought of drink, drugs or speed.
So now that I’ve decided
To turn my life around,
So I can be happy
Instead of low or down.

Poem 2

I am sat here now in Broadway Lodge,
In the beginning, I wanted to dodge.
It’s a place to go, when you’re down.
I can walk around without a frown.
I made some friends – Lisa, Geraldine and Katie.
I can walk around now where nobody hates me.
I like it now, I’ve settled in,
My new life now is about to begin.
I’m happy now that I am clean,
It’s the best place in life I’ve ever been.
Sometimes I’m happy, and also sad,
The mixed feelings I have are not that bad.
They have a way of getting inside your head,
Some nights I can’t wait to go to bed.
It gives you time to sit and think.
I never want to go back to drugs and drink.
The staff and clients are very kind,
I can turn to them, with things on my mind.
I can open up and express my feelings,
I’m calmer now instead of bouncing on the ceilings.
It’s xmas time now, with xmas spirit,
It’s actually a change that I am with it.
I’m missing all my family and friends.
At least now, I can make amends.
I’ve finished this poem, it’s time to go.
I’m happy right now, instead of low.