Broadway Lodge from outside
13th November 2017

Markkus’ visit to Turning Point

From Markkus Trew, Head of Counselling at Broadway Lodge

I visited Turning Point in Ipswich to see one of the care managers who refers prospective patients to Broadway Lodge.

As well as visiting one of the care managers I also attended a ‘Prehab’ group, designed for people who are preparing to enter a rehabilitation centre. I was tasked with meeting this group and helping them to prepare for the rehab to which they were going. Some of them were preparing to come to Broadway Lodge.

I had a great evening and great conversation with Cynthia, who has been in the treatment business for many years and knows her stuff exceptionally well. The following day I went to the prehab buy valium online 10 mg group to be greeted by Patrick and Tracey (see photo), two former patients of Broadway Lodge, who were now employed by Turning Point.

When discussing the work that Patrick does with his clients Patrick stated “I try my best to listen to the clients and always carry out the action when I promise something. When I do this I find I have a better relationship with the client and strong boundaries”.

They are still carrying the message of treatment and recovery and they are working hard to refer people intotreatment. I could not have felt any prouder of Patrick and Tracey.

Thank you to Cynthia, Patrick and Tracey from Turning Point for making my visit special.