3rd April 2024

Mahalo Meditation

We are lucky that each week, talented and passionate guided meditation facilitator, Dawne, leads her very own ‘mahalo’ meditation session at Broadway Lodge for clients who are staying with us. Yesterday, Dawne delivered a special session to the staff team so that they can also experience this deeply relaxing and supportive style of meditation.

Dawne developed mahalo meditation by combining her passion for supporting people with addiction with her spiritual learning, observations and experiences from travelling throughout the world. With her knowledge and experience, not only does Dawne help participants to deeply relax and ease any stress, she teaches, motivates and inspires participants during the sessions she delivers.

Yesterday, the candlelit meditation session helped participants to cultivate feelings of happiness and gratitude by concentrating on awareness. She reminded us that our mind is powerful and that our awareness can change our thoughts, emotions, the energy we carry around and what we manifest. She began by giving a talk, followed by the guided meditation featuring mantra music and burning scents, including sage, that are known to have specific healing properties.

Those in the session yesterday said they left feeling light, peaceful and relaxed. It was a powerful experience for everyone and we feel privileged that Dawne is able to bring her talented meditation skills to our clients at Broadway Lodge.