Woman in music video by the sea
11th September 2019

Lost to the Bottle video released

Former client David is pursuing his passion for music and has released his first music video. ‘Lost to the Bottle’ by David Jay Sylas was released on the 31st August and is available to watch on Youtube (shown below).

The song is about his struggles with addiction and at the beginning of the video, David explains how certain feelings once led him to use drugs and alcohol but now in recovery, has proven that these emotions can be managed in a healthy manner without turning to substances to escape them.

With support from the West of England Works programme and Broadway Lodge, David enrolled on a two-year music production course at Weston College and is just entering the first term of his final year. As well as plans to continue his studies, David is in the early stages of establishing a Weston-super-Mare based support group for people in recovery who love music – whether they can play an instrument or not.

David Jay Sylas Website

You can read about David’s interesting journey on his website – it’s well worth visiting if you’d like to find out more about David and his music! Visit www.sosylas.com