Carla and Markkus
7th December 2022

Introducing our Miracle Mansion Podcast. First-hand accounts of addiction, treatment & recovery.

Did you know we have our very own podcast? It’s called the Miracle Mansion Podcast.

It is hosted by Markkus, our Head of Treatment & Counselling. Each episode features a former client who bravely talks about their own, first-hand experience of addiction and how they have navigated recovery since staying at Broadway Lodge. They each have a unique story to tell and offer an insight into their own experience of residential treatment at Broadway Lodge, how it has changed their life and what has been useful to them in their on-going recovery. As a qualified counsellor, Markkus often interjects with supportive and explanatory comments from a therapeutic perspective.

Some discussions include details of mental health struggles, suicidal thoughts and details of situations that may feel difficult to listen to. These are real life stories that many people will be able to relate to and the positive outcomes after the depths of addiction give so much hope to anyone who is suffering right now.

With our podcast we hope we can help to educate society about the illness of addiction, demonstrate that addiction is not a choice and that it doesn’t discriminate. We hope to break the stigma of addiction and stereotypes of an addict that still exists in society today. Most importantly, we hope the Miracle Mansion Podcast episodes will give people struggling with addiction the inspiration and courage to reach out for help and to give them hope that they too can begin a life changing recovery journey with the right support.

Every episode is around 1 hour long and although the subject matter is of a personal and sensitive nature, you will notice that the episodes have a relaxed and informal feel about them. There are currently five new episodes available to listen to and this will increase in the coming weeks and months as more episodes are published.

David with Markkus



How to listen or watch Miracle Mansion Podcast episodes

Audio and video versions of every episode are available to listen or watch and can be found in the following ways:


Why it is called ‘Miracle Mansion Podcast’

We know it may seem arrogant that we’ve referred to our own organisation as the Miracle Mansion so we feel it’s important to explain where the name came from. In fact, it wasn’t something we created ourselves – it originated from clients some years ago. We heard that clients and former clients referred to Broadway Lodge as the Miracle Mansion and it’s still the same today and we thought it would be a catchy name for the podcast series!


Other Stories of Addiction & Recovery

In addition to our podcast series, you can find numerous video interviews and written accounts of addiction and recovery experiences on our website. You can access them here or by clicking on the ‘Stories’ tab in the main menu.