henry maybury
6th June 2018

Henry Maybury visits

Patients were treated to a special visit on Thursday evening from Henry Maybury, a singer songwriter, along with his mum Sally who together set up the Lost Days Charitable Aid Trust.

Henry, 25, sadly lost his brother Tom to alcohol addiction passing away at just 29 years old in 2013. Tom’s addiction journey and tragic death has led Henry to regularly travel across the country, visiting institutions such as rehabs and prisons to raise awareness of the dangers of addiction and voicing Tom’s story. As part of this work, Henry also performs his own music which our patients were moved and captivated by, along with the strong messages that were delivered throughout the evening. Some of the comments from patients include:

“Henry and his mum are very brave telling their story, it really hit me hard.”

“They had a very powerful message…caused a lot of emotions which had me in tears.”

“Truly inspirational and emotional…I spoke to Henry after and he gave me inspiration for my future.”

“It was so powerful and a big eye opener”

“Such a moving story, music and DVD’s. Very emotional”

‘Lost Days’ is Henry’s debut single and 100% of all sales of this are donated to various addiction and recovery charities. To read more about Henry and the charity, his website can be found here and Lost Days can be watched below. See his Youtube channel here to access his music.