28th July 2020

GP Paul joins Board of Trustees

We are delighted that our former GP at Broadway Lodge, Paul Seviour, has joined our Board of Trustees where he brings a wealth of invaluable medical expertise.

Paul is a qualified doctor and mainly worked as a GP in medical centres throughout his career but has also been a GP trainer and he was the Medical Director for 11 years at a healthy living centre where he regularly met with people suffering with addiction. In addition, he worked part-time at Broadway Lodge for seven years until 2017 where he held a clinic for clients and prescribed detox regimes. Paul retired in 2019 but recently returned to practice working as a GP on the NHS 111 COVID-19 Clinical Assessment Service.

Broadway Lodge CEO, David Sweetnam, said “It’s great to have Paul on board. He uniquely brings skills to support the medical team whilst also having a good understanding of the therapeutic process at Broadway Lodge. It’s a real bonus that he’s been supporting the NHS on the COVID-19 crisis.”

Welcome back Paul!