Former client Tip juggling
22nd January 2020

Former client in local news

A Bristol Post reporter noticed a man in Bristol Temple Meads train station who was not only selling the Big Issue but also entertaining commuters and passers by with impressive devil stick skills. The reporter decided to speak to him to find out about his story.

The feature about the man’s life, which focuses on his years of addiction issues, was published on the Bristol Post website last weekend and we were delighted to see that the man was Tip, a former buy cheap ativan client who stayed at Broadway Lodge last year for a detox and therapeutic treatment for addiction.

The feature is heartening and we’re really proud of Tip for working hard and for the progress he’s made so far since completing treatment with us last year. You can see the feature and watch Tip perform with devil sticks by clicking here – it’s worth a read and may put a smile on your face.