French polish donation
2nd August 2019

Donation to Broadway

A local Bristol-based professional polishing company, Alpha Wood Finishes (who’ve worked in world-famous buildings including Buckingham Palace and St.Paul’s Catherdral!), kindly provided their expertise to revamp some of the attractive wooden areas inside Broadway Lodge as a donation.

Sarah is currently undertaking a work placement with Alpha Wood Finishes over the summer before returning to France to continue her studies in carpentry and joinery. She volunteered at Broadway Lodge for six days. Using the French polishing technique, Sarah polished the double doors into the main hall, the stairwell and banisters on two flights of stairs up to the counsellor’s offices, banisters on the stairs leading to the chapel rooms and the expanse of wood panelling opposite the main hall.

These areas are now looking shiny and rejuvenated and we are extremely grateful to Sarah and Alpha Wood Finishes for this kind gesture. Thank you!

Sarah is pictured above between Markkus (senior management) and Stuart (maintenance).