craig marathon
23rd April 2018

Craig’s London Marathon 2018

We are truly touched and grateful to a very kind gentleman, Craig Paxton, who ran the 2018 London Marathon yesterday to raise money for Broadway Lodge. Craig’s friend, Clinton Roberts, was treated at Broadway Lodge after battling many years of alcohol and drug addiction. During treatment he was able to receive the care, support and tools he desperately needed. At age 37, Clinton sadly passed away from liver cirrhosis on 4th February 2017.

Craig tells his story on his fundraising page and an extract of this is shown below.

“Clint fought alcoholism, substance dependency, and mental health traumas for many years. Help was sought in his early teenage years and ongoing throughout the years that followed. The support that was needed throughout his life was and is still sadly flawed, because of funding, and also not being available where he lived. His mother, who throughout his troubled years, fought constant battles to try and get him the help he needed, still strives to get the message across that if you can reach out and support a young person who is starting on the alcohol or addictive path, it may make a difference.

Those who knew Clint remember a healthy young lad full of the joys and expectations of anyone starting out in life. He was sadly influenced to try drink and substances at a time when he was entering his teenage years and should have been embracing this chapter of his life. Things spiralled out of control over the years with his addictions and the demons they created…The work that is done to support addicts and their families is extremely invaluable, so I am training for the marathon to raise money for this very worthwhile cause.”

We recommend visiting Craig’s JustGiving page for the full story, which can be accessed by clicking the following link:

Despite yesterday’s event being the hottest London Marathon on record, Craig excelled and completed the 26.2 mile route in a very respectable time of 4:33:24 and to date, has raised over £465. We’d like to send a huge thank you and congratulations to Craig, from us all at Broadway Lodge.