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3rd November 2020

Coronavirus update – November 2020

We’re open and it’s business as usual for Broadway Lodge despite the news of a second national lockdown which will begin on Thursday 5th November. We are pleased to be able to continue to admit new clients over this period so if you or a loved one is due to begin treatment with us during November, we can assure you that this will go ahead as planned.


The health and safety of clients is of paramount importance to us and to date, we’ve had no cases of coronavirus amongst our clients. Many of the safety measures we implemented back in March to minimise the spread of coronavirus remain in place and our current measures are summarised below.


Initial quarantine & coronavirus testing for new clients:

As an infection control measure, all new clients are admitted straight into our separate 5-bedroom Gordon Beard Unit (next to the main house). This unit is staffed 24/7 by our supportive nurses and is also where clients who are having a detox will stay. We are lucky to have secured coronavirus testing kits which allow us to know for certain if the individual is coronavirus-free and means that they are not quarantined for longer than necessary. A new client is tested on their first and fourth day at Broadway Lodge and two negative coronavirus results means that they can safely move into the main house where they will mix with their peers and can then be immersed into the full therapeutic programme.


Phones allowed:

For the first time in Broadway Lodge history, the ‘no phones allowed’ rule has been removed. Now more than ever, keeping in touch with friends and family is really important and we feel it’s appropriate for clients to be able to freely contact loved ones.


Virtual communication:

An important part of our programme is for clients to attend Fellowship meetings in the community. In addition, at least once a week an ex-resident will visit to share their story of addiction and recovery. Coronavirus has paused face to face meetings and we haven’t been allowing visitors to Broadway Lodge. However, thanks to technology, our clients can gather in the main hall and connect to online Fellowship meetings and listen to ex-resident shares via video call.  We know how important contact with family and friends is, especially at this lonely time so clients can use our Skype/Zoom for this purpose also. Our aftercare sessions have also been able to continue and are conducted using Zoom.


Working from home:

All staff who are not directly involved with client care have been asked to work from home where possible for the duration of the second lockdown which will begin on Thursday 5th November, minimising the number of staff on-site and therefore minimising the risk of bringing coronavirus into the facility.


PPE & health monitoring:

Clinicians working in the Gordon Beard Unit wear all appropriate PPE including scrubs (washed after each shift), face coverings and disposable aprons and gloves. In the main house, staff wear a face covering where they are unable to maintain a distance of at least 2m apart from colleagues and clients and hand sanitiser is provided throughout the house. Each day staff check their temperature and all clients have their temperature and pulse oximetry recorded several times – a quick and effective measure for monitoring the main symptoms. All of our staff have received clear communication about the signs and symptoms of coronavirus and instructions on what to do if they feel they could be infected.


No visitors:

Unfortunately we are still unable to allow relatives and visitors into Broadway Lodge which means that family visiting on Sunday’s and our Family Programme sessions remain paused. However, clients are now able to use their mobile phones to keep in touch with family and friends. Aerobics exercise sessions are also paused as these classes are led by an external instructor.



How to get in touch

We’re open and here to help so if you’d like to know anything about treatment at Broadway Lodge, please speak to us in confidence by calling 01934 815515 or send your enquiry via email to