katie & drew hinchcliffe
22nd February 2018

Congratulations to Katie and Drew Hinchcliffe

On Saturday 3rd February, I had the honour of attending the wedding of an ex-resident and Broadway family member, Katie Garner, who has not only turned her life around after staying with Broadway Lodge but has become a mother and now a wife to Mr Drew Hinchcliffe.

It was an honour to be at their beautiful wedding, which was truly emotional. Katie and Drew are both in recovery and are doing extremely well. I read a speech at the wedding detailing Katie’s journey and their love story, which was a story of triumph over adversity for them both.

Additionally, it was also lovely to see another Broadway family member, Tat, who also came through Broadway and lived with Katie in supported housing in Bristol. She is doing amazing as well and has just finished two years of panel meeting service at Broadway Lodge.

It was a wonderfully beautiful day and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this wedding would not have happened without the care, commitment, love and support given to Katie at Broadway Lodge, which gave her a springboard into recovery.

Good luck Mr and Mrs Hinchcliffe. Best wishes for you and your family in married and recovery life.